Netminers develops and markets ground-breaking web analytics technology. We make it possible not only to follow the users click by click on a website, but also to carry out advanced target group analyses by means of online questionnaires.

On the basis of our technology we help companies understand, serve and influence their website users in the best possible way. Our team of experienced consultants instruct in the use of the technology and provide ongoing analysis services, which ensure that the collected data is used optimally and converted into concrete actions.

Netminers work closely with companies that specialise in areas such as search engine optimisation, banner ads, website design and information architecture. We can therefore offer a full web analytics service, which involves all the web activities of a company.

Netminers was established in 2001 and has experienced significant growth ever since. Today we serve a large number of Danish and international companies in the private as well as public sector.

Netminers is a member of WAA






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