4. February, 2010: New revolutionary E-Commerce tracking script

Netminers has just announced a new revolutionary E-Commerce tracking script. Not only does the script automatically register transactions on your website, you can also take advantage of complete statistics on revenues, number of purchased products and SKU without doing any kind of manual implementation. This will not only save you from making errors, it also frees up money and time.

April 23, 2008: Casper Radil gives a speach on web analytics at FDIH seminar
Read more about the seminar here (only in Danish):

February 27-28, 2008: Netminers participates in trade show at Bellacentret
Netminers has a boot at Denmarks biggest ICT trade show. Come and visit us!

February 19, 2008: Netminers part of Poets + Pumbers "Dream Team"
Christian Vermehren becomes a member of the new Poets + Plumbers "Dream Team" (which happens "by invitation only"). Poets + Plumbers is an industry-wide movement whose aim is to establish a single hotspot where marketing professionals can come and lean about new forms of marketing. Read more here:  

November 8, 2007: Christian Vermehren gives a speach at B.T. seminar
Christian Vermehren has been invited to give a speach about digital lifestyles and Web 2.0 at a seminar arranged by the leading Danish newspaper B.T. (a subdivision of Berlingske Officin). The seminar is titled "B.T. now and in the future".

September 9, 2007: Netminers becomes a member of WAA 
Netminers has become a member of the international industry organisation The Web Analytics Association. 

April 10, 2007: Digitalization challenges lifestyle research
The news magazine Markedsforing has interviewed Netminers about our new research project, which aim to map out digital lifestyles in the Web 2.0 era. Read the article here (only in Danish).

January 15, 2007: New research project about Web 2.0
Netminers Institute has initiated a new research project in collaboration with Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at Copenhagen University. The project aims to map out how the consumer market is changing in an ever more digitalized world. The project has been initiated as a response to the expansion of the internet and the new Web 2.0 wave, where new forms of communication such as RSS feeds, blogging, social networks etc. become more and more popular. Please contact Christian Vermehren ( or Casper Radil ( for more information.

October 26, 2006: Artikel from the news magasin "Market" nr. 11
Read the newest article from Netminers Institute about web analytics. What have we learnt during the last 10 years? Download the article here (only in Danish).

July 1, 2006: Collaboration with "Top of the Web"
Top of the Web has chosen Netminers' technology for their yearly data collection. Around 800 public organizations will during the next few weeks receive an invitation to use Netminers Online Survey to evaluate user experiences on their websites. Top of the Web is a project initiated by The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in order to emphasize the importance of serving the public well on the internet. Each year Top of the Web evaluates the quality of public websites in Denmark on the basis of a series of criteria concerning form, content, practical value and technical availability. Learn more about Top of the Web.

June 27, 2006: Netminers prequalified for tender process by IAB Denmark
The Association of Danish Internet Media publishes regularly updated lists of the most visited websites in Denmark. The lists and the underlying tracking system comprise an important basis for making decisions in connection with advertising sales to websites. IAB Denmark wants to improve the system and has therefore invited 8 companies to provide their offers. The prequalified companies are comScore, Gemius, Instadia, Netminers, Nielsen Netratings, TNS Gallup, WebSideStory and Research International. Learn more about the prequalification.

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