Privacy Policy

Netminers takes your privacy seriously. The following describes how we collect, use and protect user data on our website.

Which data are collected?
When you visit our website we automatically collect information about your visit and your actions - e.g. your IP-address, how you entered our website, which pages you viewed, at which time you viewed them, if you downloaded anything, what you have entered in the form fields on the pages, etc. You can at any time prevent us from collecting such data about your visit by contacting us at the address below.

We are not able to see your personal identity through your actions alone. We can only see your personal identity if you inform us of it directly. For example, you can write your name in one of the form fields on the website or in an open text field in an online questionnaire. If you do not inform us of your personal identity, the data we have about you will always appear anonymous.

Why is the data collected?
We automatically collect data about your visit because we want to improve our website continuously on the basis of detailed knowledge of how it is used and experienced. The data that we collect in this connection is only analyzed statistically and anonymously.

When we collect personal data it is to answer your request and serve you in a better way by having insight into your needs or interests. For example, this could be by sending you a newsletter, providing you with personalised content on the website or answering concrete questions.

Who has access to the data?
We do not sell your data to a third party. Your personal data will only be supplied to a third party if it is necessary in order to serve you in the way you have asked for. For example, we can choose to outsource communication projects to other companies. In such case these companies operate under an obligation of confidentiality. We do, however, reserve the right to make public anonymous data that do not reveal the users' personal identities.

How is the data protected?
Netminers protects the personal data you send to us. We use a number of different security technologies and procedures that protect your personal data from unauthorised access, use or publication. It should however be noted that data transmissions through the Internet always is associated with a certain risk, regardless of the effort made to secure them. 

Overview of and deletion of your data
On your request we will be happy to send you an overview of which data we have about you. Based on this overview you can correct the data or ask us to erase them entirely.

Changes of this statement
This statement was last changed on April 1st 2006.

If you have any questions about this personal data policy, please send an e-mail to or contact:

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Tel: +45 36 93 81 00

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