Customer Testimonials


We chose Netminers InSight because it was the only web analytics tool in the market which gave us full ownership of data, a fair price and advanced analytical capabilities. The tool’s powerful segmentation engine and dashboard flexibility were crucial to our decision.

Thomas Ottosen
Danmarks Statistik


Beautiful! This is exactly what we need! By the way, the German “Technical” dashboard has been a great help today. It is so good to be able to act on the basis of facts rather than hunches.

Henrik D. Jensen
Sol og Strand



Netminers InSight has been a real eye opener for us at DONG. We didn’t know a web analytics tool could be that simple, flexible and deep at the same time.

We use the tool for both ad hoc analyses and for scheduled analyses. It is essential for us to be able to change report filters instantly and to customize dashboards to very specific needs.

Another great benefit of Netminers InSight is the free support service that comes with it. Netminers support staff respond extremely quickly to our requests and they always give clear explanations that are easy to understand and follow.

Furthermore, Netminers have proved their interest in customer satisfaction by releasing new features in response to specific needs.

Marianne Elversøe
DONG Energy


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