Excel Integration

Many web analytics solutions include an option for exporting data to Excel – in fact this has become a commodity in the web analytics world.

At Netminers, however, we have taken this feature several steps further. Using our Excel Integration module, you can not only export web analytics data to Excel, but also build reports directly from within your spread-sheets!

Furthermore, you can do this without installing additional software or plug-ins. All you have to do is to tell Excel the name of our server and then type in the username and password we give you.


Our Excel Integration module allows you to pull web analytics data dynamically from our database directly into Excel's pivot table. 

All the dimensions and measures in our database will appear as variables in Excel’s pivotal table. Using Excel you can cross tabulate data, create custom drill-down hierarchies and apply as many filters as you want.

Our Excel Integration module works not only with Excel, but also with many other standard Business Intelligence (BI) client such as IBM Cognos, Business Object or Targit.

These BI clients can communicate directly with our web analytics database and pull data dynamically into their own report environment. This is the ideal solution for the experienced Business Intelligence analyst who wants to combine web analytics data with internal customer databases or offline data.

Imagine the power of calculating your own KPIs on the basis of data from completely different sources!

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