Installation & Price

Netminers InSight™ is extremely easy to install. You only have to place a small JavaScript on your website to get started. To view your reports, you simply log in through our website.

Netminers use a universal script that works regardless of the complexity of your website. You don’t have to be a JavaScript programmer to implement our script, and in most cases you can finish in minutes rather than weeks or months.


We are proud to offer what is probably the highest data quality in the market while at the same time being the easiest solution to implement.  


Netminers InSight™ is offered for a monthly price, which covers data capture and storage, access to an on-demand analytics application and user support.

The monthly price depends partly on the number of page views on the web site, partly on the selected modules (Web Analytics, Excel Integration, Online Survey and Webmapping) and partly on the number of users of the system. 

If you tell us which web site you are considering, we can give you an estimate of the price per month. If you choose a free trial of the system, we can give you an exact price.



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