Online Survey

Traditional web analytics can tell you exactly what people do on your website. It cannot tell you why they did it, what their intentions were and how they experienced your site.

Netminers InSight™ enables you to counter this problem by offering a unique integrated online survey module. This module automatically correlates survey responses with clickstreams.

You can not only compare clickstreams of satisfied and unsatisfied respondents, but also to see how many of those who said they intended to do a specific thing actually managed to do it.

What's more, you don’t have to do any additional installation. Our one-scrip-tracks-all technology handles launch of surveys, data capture and integration with clickstreams.

Netminers has offered survey as an integrated service, since 2003.

With our online survey module you can …

  • Select types of questions (single answers, multiple answers, batteries, etc.)
  • Use an unlimited amount of branches or conditions in the questionnaire
  • Customize layout with logo, colors, images and fonts
  • Choose between different launch methods on the website: entry, exit or even entry-exit pop-up
    Avoid pop-up blocking with an embedded ”pop-up”questionnaire (so-called ”dhtml”)
  • Send questionnaire by e-mails or as links on the website
  • Launch pop-up questionnaires on the condition of specific visitor actions Analyse responses ”live” as they are being registered

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