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Netminers are the clever number crunchers!

We have worked together with Netminers ´during many years, at least 5 years by now. And we see Netminers as an indispensable supplement to our qualitative research. Netminers has added valuable tracking data and webmaps to several of our projects - for example The Capital Region of Denmark, Masterfood, and The Danish Parliament. An insight into the behavior of visitors is invaluable to our user research. Among ourselves we often call Netminers the clever number crunchers and we have an enormous respect for their "nerdy" competence. They will always be our preferred business partners and they ones we will contact first when we need numbers to be crunched.

Thomas Snitker, Founder of Snitker & Co, Usability Specialist and
Usability Specialist Elisabeth Landbo,

 Clever minds!

Netminers are a bunch of clever minds, who have made an excellent program! It is useful, practical and easy, and then it can convert data to customer segments.

Mikkel Jespersen, Partner, 1508 A/S,


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