Step 1: Define

If you have no defined goals for your website, there is no way you can measure success.

The first thing you should do is to define your goals. Let's say you work for an insurance company which enables consumers to calculate prices for insurances online. Then your overall goal could be to get as many as possible to complete such a calculation.

To do that, you should define a number of micro-goals:

  • Reach 
  • Engage 
  • Convert 
  • Retain

First, you need to reach new prospects by means of online advertising or other marketing activities. Your goal here is to make people click on your ads and go to your website.

Second, you need to engage your prospects by presenting relevant content that makes them start an online price calculation (or any other conversion process).

Third, you need to convert prospects into qualified leads or paying customers. Your conversion process must be carefully designed to avoid drop-outs.

Finally, you should retain leads or customers by, for example, inviting them to sign up for a newsletter or introduce other loyalty-builing activities. 

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