Step 3: Analyze

Measurements can show you how things are, but cannot say why this is the case. 

When monitoring metrics for your website, you may find that certain marketing activities or content areas are under-performing. When that happens, you need to analyze data in more detail to explain the results and take action.

You can think of analysis as the act of drilling down into your metrics. For example, if you observe a high bounce rate on your website, you might want to drill down by content to find out which area or page is responsible.

You content hierarchy is probably the most important drill-down variable available to your analysis. However, you can use many other interesting variables: Traffic sources, navigational patterns, internal searches, demography and even attitudes.

If your website allows visitors to give information about themselves (e.g. via checkboxes, dropdown fields etc.), you could also use this in your analysis. Alternatively, you could launch an online survey which integrates visitor responses with their clickstreams. 

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